Chris is a gentle young man who is passionate about the sea, its creatures and mysteries. He just returned to the Gold Coast by season three to take up a position as a dolphin trainer at the Marine Park. He didn't know that Mimmi was a mermaid, but he knows there's something unusual about her and is keen to get to know her better, after Mimmi helps him to communicate with a dolphin at the marine park he was having trouble with getting to know. 

He eventually gets the position as a dolphin trainer after going to a program for three months in San Diego. Chris returns in the season 3 episode Seeing Is Believing where he reunites with Mimmi and continues his interest in her. They eventually continue to get closer and became a couple, but Chris breaks up with Mimmi because he felt like she was still keeping a major part of herself from him. This left Mimmi heartbroken and eventually in the series finale, Homecoming, Mimmi reveals to Chris that she is a mermaid much to his happiness and they kiss.