Erik the merman
Full Name





Human (possibly former)
Merman (Possibly Turned/Possibly Born as)


Ondina (ex-close friend/ex-girlfriend)


Cam (ex-good friend)
Zac (ex-good friend/both are mermen)
Mimmi (friend/possibly former)
Sirena (friend/possibly former)
David (former co-worker/David fired him/Dislike each other)
Carly (former co-worker/She dislikes him/She helped fire him)

Eye Color


Hair Color






First Seen

The Seventh Cycle

Portrayed By

Alex Cubis

Erik is a new merman in Mako Mermaids who will appear in Season 2. He is played by Alex Cubis.  He is one of the main characters in Season 2. Erik is solitary and elusive, but arrives in the second season of the show creating a new friend for Zac and later on, the mermaids.

When Erik arrives on the scene, he is shocked that Zac is already the sole merman in town. Erik then shares tips and facts about mermen history with Zac revealing the most important fact: mermen aren't raised in pods or communities but are instead left alone to fend off by themselves.

Not much is revealed about Erik's past but it is known that he was born a merman. In a conversation with Zac, he explains that mermen aren't brought up in pods like mermaids are but instead left on land. Because of this, most mermen are put in foster care or adopted (as it was Zac's case). Some fans have considered the possibility that Erik comes from the Sea Caves of Ireland, but so far, his origins haven't been revealed.

Although Erik doesn't know much about Mako island or the Mermen Chamber, he does know that his ancestors were also searching for it and hoping to understand how it worked in order to activate it. He doesn't know why.

Towards the end Season 2, Erik becomes more and more obsessed with the Merman Chamber insisting that if they learn how the chamber works, they can control it to keep Mako Island and the pod safe. Feeling prejudiced by the stereotypes and fears most mermaids have towards mermen, he decides to betray the group by stripping Zac from his powers to be able to control the Mermen Chamber. It's not until he sees the harmful effect that the activated chamber has on Ondina, Sirena and, Mimmi that he accepts that it isn't possible to control the chamber without harming mermaids everywhere.

As a result of this betrayal, Ondina ends her relationship with Erik feeling that she'll always come second even though he tries to reassure her that his motives were sincere and he only cared about her safety.



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