“Evie Times Two”
Season 1, Episode 22
Evie Times Two thumbnail
Air Date

September 15,2013(Netflix)
15 December 2013 (Eleven in Australia)

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Aquata Returns


Zac's Choice

Evie Times Two is the twenty second episode of Season 1 of Mako Mermaids and was made available on Netflix on September 15, 2013.


Rita's cat, Poseidon becomes human after walking through some chemicals: he turns into a duplicate of Evie after making a connection with her. Lyla helps Zac keep Evie and Poseidon apart. Meanwhile, Nixie and Sirena try to find a cure.


                                                        Chai Romruen as Zac Blakely

Lucy Fry as Lyla

Ivy Latimer as Nixie

Amy Ruffle as Sirena

Gemma Forsyth as Evie McLaren

Dominic Deutscher as Cam


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