“Sticky Situation”
Season 1, Episode 2
Evie As Pink Mermaid
Air Date

February 13, 2015


Max Dann


Max Dann

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The Seventh Cycle



Sticky Situation is the second episode of Season 2 of Mako Mermaids.


With Evie now a mermaid, Ondina and Mimmi try a dangerous spell to change her back to human form, but the results are less than ideal.


With Evie having a hard time adapting to her new life as a mermaid, Mimmi decides to use a shapeshifting spell from within Rita's grotto to turn Evie back to normal. The spell, however, doesn't work and, as a result, Evie is covered in a pink slime which keeps her stuck in her mermaid form. Zac hides Evie in the café's refrigeration room and then runs off to stop the spellcasting while Cam and Sirena keep Carly and the new waiter, Erik, from entering the room and seeing Evie with a tail. When Ondina and Mimmi stubbornly refuse to stop, Zac has no choice but to stop them by force. He succeeds and the two mermaids reluctantly agree to collaborate with Evie in the future.



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