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    I have not finished the season yet, but a couple of things have struck me odd from the spinoff show. How did the original three girls never come across these girls in the moon pool, and wasn't the moon pool destroyed? Also, how does Zac, as a hybrid merman, have powers of full mermaids while the girls didn't?

     Also, Zac can avoid the full moon, how couldn't the girls? And it appears like the water thingy is dead, but how did the mermaids not know about it? I understand that they are southern mermaids. Does that mean they just moved to the area?

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    The Mermaid Girls

    October 10, 2013 by BILLIEPIPERS

    The Mako Mermaids are all so beautiful and kind. My favorite? It would probably be Nixie.


    What about you?

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