I am mad and here's why...

  1. I live in America.
  2. I do not have netflix .
  3. I will not break the law.

Let's go into the subject of the day shall we?

1. I live in America.

I have been searching and following the production and premiere of Mako Mermaids from even before it started filming. I have been wanting to watch it and have been so excited. Except they do not show it in the US.

2. I do not have netflix.

Since they will not show it in the US, they think they can make up for it by making it avaliable on netflix for all the world. But, they did'nt think of people who only have CABLE or DISH or anything else they did'nt think of. I mean seriously what the heck?!!!

3. I will not break the law.

I cannot watch it online. Australia seem s like a very excluusive country because even on the channel Network Ten's  (the channel Mako mermaids is on) website, where they uploaded one of the episodes, it does'nt work because it only works for Australia. WHY ME!!!! People always trick you with websites so you can download the show but I wasn't born yesterday. They are illeagal plus, you get a free virus that wipes out your hard drive. Yay!

Please, someone help me. I am just a girl who loves mermaids trying to watch a mermaids show. There has to be something I can do! HELP!






H. M. W. M. M.

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