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  • KittyCat84

    Even though I love both of the shows, and I love Nixie, I kinda think that H20 is a better and more enjoyable to watch show. Why? I'll list a few reasons.

    1. Sirena

    I know this may seem like a weird reason, but just keep reading.                                                                                                In each show ( so far) there has been three basic personalities. The practical one, who might be a bit mean but doesn't easily loose her temper, the naive one, who might act kinda dumb or get pushed around by the others, and the hot-tempered one, who easily gets mad. Theres been some dispute on who's who with Nixie and Lyla, but everyone agrees that Cleo and Sirena are the naive ones. So why is Sirena the problem? Because …

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  • KittyCat84

    Season 2… :(

    August 10, 2014 by KittyCat84

    Hi! This is my first blog, about season 2. Which, by the way, I am probably not going to watch. Why, you ask?

    Well, for one, no more Nixie and Lyla. Nixie is my favorite, Lyla's my second favorite. I wouldn't even mind if Lyla left, but Nixie?! I just don't like Ondina and Mimmi. I just don't. And I never like the naive characters like Cleo and Sirena. So.. yeah.

    Secondly, Evie's becoming a mermaid. WHAT? Evie, a mermaid? Four mermaids? Uh, no. I'm hoping its gonna be a temporary thing like with Charlotte. Because its always been 3 mermaids.

    Again, I'm just really disappointed with how season 2 is looking... But I do have a theory of why Nixie and Lyla would be gone. They can't exactly just "return to the pod", because last time Aquata said t…

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