Hi! This is my first blog, about season 2. Which, by the way, I am probably not going to watch. Why, you ask?

Well, for one, no more Nixie and Lyla. Nixie is my favorite, Lyla's my second favorite. I wouldn't even mind if Lyla left, but Nixie?! I just don't like Ondina and Mimmi. I just don't. And I never like the naive characters like Cleo and Sirena. So.. yeah.

Secondly, Evie's becoming a mermaid. WHAT? Evie, a mermaid? Four mermaids? Uh, no. I'm hoping its gonna be a temporary thing like with Charlotte. Because its always been 3 mermaids.

Again, I'm just really disappointed with how season 2 is looking... But I do have a theory of why Nixie and Lyla would be gone. They can't exactly just "return to the pod", because last time Aquata said that they couldn't return. Even if they could, I doubt they'd abandon Sirena. So I'm guessing they're going to be kidnapped by some water creature which will be the new villainous thing. And it could possibly have something to do with Eric.

Any other theories? I just know I'm gonna miss Nixie and Lyla. UPDATE: I have a new theory! Since Lucy Fry is working on some new show ( I think), and I'm not sure about Ivy Latimer, what if it's only an actress leave for Lyla? Like for some reason they go back to the pod, then at the end of the season Nixie comes back, and everyone's all excited to see her and Lyla. Then Nixie could tell them that Lyla's not coming back, and we'd find out what happened it season 3. Just a theory.

NEW UPDATE: Hold the guacamole, everyone! What if my kidnapping theory is right? Lyla and Nixie could have been kidnapped by a water demon/creature/thingy, which Erik made. Word has reached the pod, and they return to see if they can help. Ondina and Mimmi think Zac is responsible, not Erik. Its kind of unlikely, but it might be a plot that hasnt been revealed yet.


These are the original three.. and my favorite

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