So most recently the last 13 episodes of season 2 have been updated. I must say that I enjoyed them more than I thought I was going to. Before I had complained about how I don't know very much about the way of life in pods and mermaid school but now I know a bit more. I learned about different siren songs for each pod (which all seem to be illegal in every pod), the perfume (made from oil instead of water), more magic, and mermaid history.

But that's not what this blog post is about. As we all know they have started filming for season three where a Chinese mermaid namend Weilan has accidently awakened a water dragon and seeks refuge with the Southern pod. So my predictions for what will happen this season are that Chris will come back after his three month long training in San Diego and start dating Mimmi (if she visits land since her pod has come back.), Pheobe Tonkin or Indiana Evans will return to help give the young mermaids guidence with their troubles, three merbabies (young mermaids) will have a role in this somewhere, Evie will learn things from other mermaids of the pod like how to use her moonring (maybe even take some mermaid school classes), Zac and Mimmi will find out why their mom left them, we will find out why Sirena left (probably with her sister, but what will happen to David?) Cam and Carly's relationship will be tested, maybe Rita will visit the pod from time to time. I wonder if the young merbabies have the answer to destroying the water dragon. What if Weilan is the real villain and leading the water dragon to the Southern pod wasn't an accident at all? I guess we'll find out next year

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