Hey gang!

I am new to all this so cut me a break if this is really weird! Anyways, I just thought I'd share some of Georgia Merry's songs that I just LOVE!!! (I'll post the links below)

- First of all, theres Siren:

- Second is One Last TIme:

- Third, theres Human:

- Forth is Amnesia:

- Fifth, thers Gravity:

-Sixth is Dear Future Husband:

-Seventh, theres Blank Space:

- Eighth is Say Something:

- Nineth, theres Just The Way You Are/You're The Reason:

-Tenth is Black Widow:

- Eventh, theres I Don't Wanna Break:

-Twelfth is Word Up:

- Thirtennth theres, With You (Ghost the Musical):

- Fourteenthe is Tangled Medely:

-Fifteenth theres, One Woman Frozen Medely:

And finally, number 16

-Sixteenth is..... The Little Mermaid Medely:

Thanks to all you Mako Mermaids fans who read this!!!! Hope you enjoy these Georgia Merry songs!!!!

Until Next Time, TTFN! (Ta Ta For Now)

  • OnceUponATime28

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